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The Swedish Honeymoon is Over

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Sweden isn't for me, that much I know. My first enjoyable days have turned to disappointment and annoyance. Housing is my biggest gripe. The system here is like nothing I have seen and makes no sense. There are no apartment complexes like in the USA where one can just walk in and rent a flat. There is no going to an agency or finding a flat on-line, paying for it, and moving in. No, Sweden has some ridiculous points system that I still don't understand and cannot grasp the point of. I cannot explain it as I don't understand it, but stating that I have been living in a hotel for $500 per week for two months because I cannot find a flat should confer how difficult getting housing here is.

There is trash everywhere, even though there are also trash cans everywhere. From observations it is the immigrants that cause this. I see them leave food containers, cigarette packs, and other trash behind. Anytime I say something to them about not littering they just look at me like something is wrong with me, and then walk away. I get the exact same result when I tell them that in Northern Europe we have manners and don't watch videos or talk on speakerphone at full volume in public areas.

I don't find the country attractive. It is mostly flat-ish farmland. The rivers I have seen are stagnant and ugly. Granted that I have only seen a small section of the country between Malmö and Norrköping.

Alcohol costs a fortune. The government has a monopoly on the sale of it, when it should be a competitive market. Yet what should be government run, the trains, is a mess of different companies that don't communicate with each other and are monopolies in their own little districts.

Maybe paying a fortune to live out of my suitcase has made me bitter, but I feel no desire to stay in Sweden. It has only one advantage over other countries and that is the women. Russia used to have the most beautiful women in my mind but Sweden has surpassed them. They have the added bonus that they don't come with nationalistic, serve the mother-land attitudes. Out of fairness and honesty I will confess that the men are handsome as well.

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