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Linköping to Copenhagen by train

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Time for another impromptu trip. This time to Copenhagen. I begin with breakfast at my favorite cafe in Linköping, Simon's Roastery & Bakery. It is a quiet morning while I start into my delicious hot chocolate and avocado toast. Sadly a lady sits down with her tea and immediately gets into a full volume video call on her phone. Manners have disappeared in the world. No respect for the others in the cafe, or even for the person she is talking to, as she takes sips of her tea during the call. This is the way the world is now, as smartphones bring out the worst in people, but I will never accept it.

To the train station where I purchase a 2nd class calm ticket to Copenhagen. SJ trains have three classes. 2nd, 2nd calm, and 1st. The calm simply means people that people purchasing tickets there wish it to be quiet. It costs slightly more than 2nd class. Of course this doesn't work out and I don't understand why. One young Swede talked loudly on the phone for about five minutes, and another old couple talked loudly between themselves. I'm unclear on if it was angry yelling or hard of hearing talking. I guess I should be appreciative that nobody was on speakerphone or playing videos.

SJ trains are very nice. The seats are much more comfortable and recline much further than airline seats. There is a dining car in the middle and it is a fairly fast train. The trip to Malmo is only three hours. There isn't much to see out the window so I sleep most of the way.

SJ trains only go as far as Malmo. There is an announcement in English as we near the terminus that anyone going to Copenhagen has to change trains and what track number to go to. It is easy to change. No conductor checked on the SJ journey but there was a check over the bridge to Copenhagen. The Danish train is nowhere near as nice, but it is a local train instead of a long-distance one so I'll allow it.

A foggy afternoon welcomes me to Copenhagen. My first time in the city, though I have driven past it at least three times. The first thing I see is a Max fast food restaurant! I thought they were only in Sweden. Surprising that it caught my attention, but it really is the little things that stick most in our minds. Speaking of surprising, immediately across the street from the station is Tivoli, an amusement park. Not something I expected to see in the middle of a city. I guess I am used to the gigantic American amusements parks that are far out of city centers.

I head immediately for my hotel, which I booked for three nights while on the train. A short walk brings me to Coco hotel. I am pleasantly surprised with what I find. There is a nice cafe, great garden, and a cozy room. Photos of which I shall provide tomorrow, unless I forget or don't want to.

I have to hold onto the counter for support when I am told by the receptionist that there is free wine for the guests in the cafe from 17 until 18. But why oh why dear lord not include cheese and crackers!

After indulging in some wine I decide it is time for dinner and choose a nice looking restaurant a few doors down from the hotel. Bloom Vesterbro be the name. A cozy place where a single diner seems out of place. Enter me. The waitress/manager is fantastic. Efficient and kind. You could call her German. I mean literally, call her a German because she is one. Even though she was fairly busy she took some time to chat with me. It turns out to be their last open day of the year. Their Christmas party is tomorrow and they stay closed until the new year. I really enjoyed the soup and wine but the main course was not as good. The tomatoes were uncooked and the asparagus hard and cold. The steak was good but judging by the way I felt at night and my difficulty sleeping I would say there was way too much salt. 50 euro for soup, steak, and a glass of wine. Quite expensive. Perhaps tomorrow I should revisit Max.

Tomorrow I head out for the Christmas markets, and as always when visiting a new city, walking anywhere and everywhere I can without a plan.

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