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Farewell to my Last Russian Friend

I had five Russian friends from my travels to Russia. Olga, Katja, and three Anastasia's. Olga was a doctor whose father was in the FSB and escaped Russia a decade ago for Germany. Katja had no profession but her father was a fireman whom I met and got a Russian firefighting uniform from. He wanted a better life for her than Russia offered so he used his savings to send her to San Francisco, a decade ago as well, where she stayed and I can happily say she has done well.

The other three all still live in Russia and have been dropping me as a friend over the past six months. The last one just called me her enemy today because I said the FSB was like Sherlock Holmes in how fast they unraveled the Ukrainian plot to kill Darya Dugina. Putting all the pieces together before the car wreckage was cleared from the road. Amazing that we had dated 12 years ago and remained friends since then, but saying Russia was wrong for invading another country was just too much for them. It is incredible what nationalism can do and how powerful propaganda is.

It is quite a coincidence that all the nationalist Russians I know are named Anastasia. Maybe the name predisposes one to it, but more likely not.

Farewell Nastia's! There is a better life possible for you outside Russia, or you could try to fix your government and country, but it seems easiest for you to turn a blind eye to the fact that your country is awful and just blame the USA and Europe for all of your problems.

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