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Copenhagen: Day 2

Almost twelve hours of sleep, even though it was occasionally interrupted by loud thumping upstairs. Why do hotels have hard floors instead of carpet? At least the bed is soft and comfortable, the room dark, and for the most part silence reigns supreme.

Down the stairs, with a quick photo of the lovely courtyard and tree, and then to breakfast.

Around the corner from the hotel is Bowl Market. $21 gets me an Acai bowl and a hot chocolate. Both are just fine. The service is good and the place itself is just a hole in the wall. There is seating for three in the window and maybe fifteen more at three tables.

Now onto a walk around the city and to the Christmas markets. Last night the waitress at the hotel bar wrote down the addresses of three markets to visit. I head for the closet. A meandering stroll vaguely North-East takes me past Slotsholman, a sort of museum island. The Danish War Museum, a palace, an art museum, and more are all around here but I don't have time. I have Christmas markets to visit.

The opposite end of the island brings me upon Højbro Plads, the location of the first market. Disappointingly it is not only closed, but being dismantled. It appears Christmas is over in Denmark by the 22nd. Nearby Americans and Brits second my thoughts. Oh well, on to the next market.

One street up is Strøget. A very popular pedestrian only shopping street. Exactly the same as found in any other European city. I follow it a short way until the next Christmas market, which is in Kongens Nytorv(King's new Square). This is a lovely plaza and looks to have held quite a large market but it is also in the midst of being dismantled. Again tourists loudly proclaim in English that Christmas markets should be open until Christmas. I agree but keep my ire inside, as I am doubtful that Danes care what foreigners think of their Christmas market schedule.

On the opposite side of the square I happen upon a lovely canal. Very touristy but nice. Many colorful buildings with restaurants and little shops lining the entire length. I would love a Glugwein but $8 for a cup is absurd. I refuse and loudly proclaim it to be absurd! They may not care about foreigners opinions of Christmas markets but I'm sure they care our opinions of Glugwein prices.

I walk the length of the canal and do a loop to the left. I come across Skuespilhuset and Ofelia Plads. Both are impressive but abandoned. I'm sure it is a fun area in summer. Next is what appears to be a diplomatic area. I pass the Finnish and Swedish embassies, or maybe consulates. I cannot remember which. It is somewhat pretty but there are much nicer diplomatic areas.

I complete my loop by crossing the Inderhavnsbroen, a lovely bicycle and pedestrian bridge. Stopping for a few moments to enjoy the skyline and a tour boat passing underneath. On the far side is a skating rink and more canals. I stop at the cafe Parterre for a tea and to ask how to get to the next market, in Christiania. The barista is surprised that there is a market there. She tells me it is a dangerous place where people go to get drugs. Apparently they used to give out free marijuana there. I have a nice time reading and drinking me tea and then head into danger.

A two block walk brings me to the gates of this supposedly independently run commune in the center of Copenhagen. I hate it immediately. The graffitied walls and filth due not speak to my clean and organized self. I walk inside the walls for exactly one minute being turning around and leaving. It is for somebody that loves the bohemian lifestyle, and not for me. I am unable to provide any information or photos of it and it will leave my mind forever come the morning.

As the sun is going down I zig-zag my way back to the hotel, once getting trapped by a canal without a bridge that made me detour quite a ways. I do love the cleanliness, quietness, and architechture of this city. I stop at Wagamama inside Tivoli for dinner. A juice, Pad Thai, and potstickers runs me $41.

A nightcap at the hotel bar ends my evening. Now to my comfortable room and bed and dreams of more exploring tomorrow. I hope for no foot stomping upstairs in the middle of the night but I doubt my hope will be fulfilled.

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