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Amsterdam: Day 3

Poor sleep, a large breakfast at the hotel buffet, and a tram ride on 24 to the train station. This is how I spend the mornnig of my third day in Amsterdam. I lack any sort of plan save for walking to my hotel from the train station.

I walk up Martelaarsgracht which is extremely busy. People fill all of the sidewalk. I don't like any of the walk. It is too busy and the shops don't interest me. I switch to a side street which turns out to be an even more touristy shopping street, exactly the same as in every other European city. All the exact same chain stores on similar looking streets. I keep my head down and quickly move on, crossing canal after canal.

An uneventful bit of time passes and I find myself again near Rijksmuseum. I find the same Smart Shop I visited yesterday and purchase a box of the second strongest magic truffles, called the Dutch Dragon. Then again I go to Tacos and Tequila. Today it is not quite the same. An entirely different crew with awful service and the food doesn't hit like it did yesterday.

Utterly bored I head back to the hotel to try out the new truffles. It is only 16(4pm). It would be more than fair to say that I don't like Amsterdam. I also find Dutch the worst language in Europe.

I waste some time in my room to let my stomach get empty to give the truffles the best chance of doing their job. I take a long, hot, steamy shower, play around on the computer, and then stare out my window. A couple across the courtyard are having sex in front of their window but they are ugly so I focus my attention on a seagull flying loops between the buildings and dream of having the freedom of a bird.

At about 19 I start munching on the truffles. Again I like the taste. I slowly eat them until they are all gone. 20 grams in thirty minutes. One hour goes by, then two. Are you kidding me? Zero effect yet again. So I am immune or have an extremely high tolerence to magic truffles for some reason. I shouldn't be completely surprised. Pain medication and other pills have never affected me either. My body does not seem to absorb well. Perhaps making a truffle tea would be more effective but I doubt it. Truly a shame that LSD is not legal. I am left with no option except for heroin now.

Angry and dissapointed I settle down for a rough night of sleep. Tomorrow a train ride to my lovely Deutschland.

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