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Amsterdam: Day 2

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Getting over ten hours of sleep is one of the greatest accomplishments in life. Last night I surpassed this goal by a decent margin and feel fantastic.

Skipping breakfast and lunch I take tram 24 to Vijzelgracht and begin exploring. I don't know why I choose this location to begin with. Just one of lifes many mysteries. Across the roundabout is an old Heineken brewery. Just a museum now and no longer in service. I snap a quick photo and continue my walk, weaving in and out of back streets. Canals and narrow alleys abound. None of it really catches my eye though. That is until I come across the Jardín de los Lagartos. A plaza full of little iguana statues. They are cute but made so much cuter by their little santa costumes. I admire them for a little while and carry on.

Bobbing and weaving through touristy neighborhoods brings me to Tacos and Tequila for lunch. Inside is quite small and the seating is very tight. Getting to some tables requires asking other guests to stand-up and make space. An order of chips comes with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. They are all tasty. The classic margarita is good and the chicken tacos delicious. I'm satisifed with everything. Even the service is pleasant. 35 euros for everything. Beware the salas though. I got the yellow amarilla which is pineapple with habaneros and is bloody spicy. I like spicy but it was way too much. Incredibly is only the second hottest option. The El Diablo with Carolina Reaper must be inedible.

After lunch I hit the Rijksmuseum. By hit I mean I walk through the tunnel in the center of it to the other side where I find a Christmas market! Amazing that Copenhagen removed their market a week before Christmas but Amsterdam has at least one still going after the holiday has finished. I would like to get a Gluhwein but there are way too many people and the queue is massive. I am tired anyway so one loop around and then back to the tram for me.

While roaming around I went into a so called Smart Shop. A place to purchase magic truffles. I have been fasinated with the mind and the ability it has to stretch, expand, and adapt so I decide to give them a try. For a first timer the clerk recommends a version called Mexicana, which is a strength of 2 out of 10. 15 euro and 10 grams is mine.

It is evening in my hotel room with just me and my truffles. I follow the directions taking little bites while laying in bed. 10 grams injested in a little over 30 minutes. Everyone I've talked to or anything I've read about says how bad they taste but I really like the taste, which is odd considering I hate edible mushrooms and most people love them. One hour passes, two hours, three hours. Nothing! Zero effect. Very unhappy, I go down to the hotel bar for a Cosmopolitan and that completes my night. Not eventful but I got to see a small bit of the city and pet a few frozen holiday iguana.

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