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Amsterdam: Day 1

An uncomfortable twelve hour bus ride comes to end on schedule as we pull into Amsterdam Sloterdijk at 0900(9am). Most of my busmates get off here even though the bus continues on to Belgium. After collecting my suitcase and a short walk I'm at the metro waiting for the M50 to my hotel. I purchase the four-day transit pass for 25 euro. It is a very quiet morning. There is only one beggar making the rounds.

Twelve minutes on the nearly empty elevated metro brings me to Amstelveenseweg. I can see my hotel, the Olympic, standing out by itself not far away. There are a few nice glass office buildings in the vicinity. As I approach my hotel I see that the room are almost all glass from floor to ceiling. I can easily see people moving about and looking down at me as I look up at them.

It is only 0940 but the young receptionist lets me check in. I am in Tower B which is a shame. It is lower and my view is across the coutyard instead of high over the city. My room is very nice. It is spotless, warm and comfortable. After a quick shower with immediate hot water and great pressure I head down for the 20 euro breakfast buffet, which is quite good though small.

I return to my room to unpack and decide what to do. I am exhausted so maybe I'll take a nap. I ponder out the window and notice that we have a gym as well as two hot tubs outside. They are getting quite a bit of us. As a couple gets out another couple gets in. Every single couple I see takes a few selfies being anything else. Such is modern life.

I decide to spend my time in the area today and go to sleep early. I have laundry to do so walk 15 minutes behind the stadium to the self-service laundromat, Wash O Practic. It is a nice and clean place with only two other guests. While waiting for my wash I walk over to Ron Gastrobar to get a drink but am told today is reservation only. Understandable since it is Christmas Day. A shame as it looked to be a really nice place. Perhaps another time.

After my laundry is finished I walk back to the hotel through a drizzle. This time going around the front of the stadium. As hinted at by the name of my hotel there is a stadium from the 1928 Olympics.

As previously mentioned I am exhausted. So this is the end of my day. I hope to sleep for a very long time and explore the city of Amsterdam for quite a while tomorrow.

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